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About US

BB-Bridge, Inc. (BB-Bridge) is established as a research consulting firm in the field of life and medical science. We support our clients promote research and development (R&D) and promote their business smoothly. BB-Bridge drives its name from “Bench to Bedside”, which means to promptly apply the R&D result to clinical stages, and we provide lots of services to promote your business.

Founder Satoshi Banba
Founded October 1st, 2014
Capital 3 million yen
Address MH Building 2F, 1-35-9, Asagaya-Minami, Suginami-ku, Tokyo
TEL 81-3-6721-5529
FAX 81-3-6800-2539
JBA:Japan Bioindustry Association
Chem-Bio Informatics Association
Health Technology Assessment international (HTAi)

Technology and Market Research Report

BB-Bridge publish reports on a hot medical technology and markets specializing in life and medical science.

Title Publish Price
Development of Pharmaceuticals and Diagnosis using Microbiome technology Nov, 2014 100,000 yen
Current Status and Future Prospect of Gene Therapy Nov, 2014 180,000 yen
Current Status and Future Prospect of Cell Therapy Nov, 2014 180,000 yen
Personal Testing Services for Prevention medicine Jan, 2015 100,000 yen
Current Status and Future Prospect of Biopharma Manufacturing Industry Apr, 2015 180,000 yen
Development of Pharmaceuticals and Diagnosis using Health Technology Assessment Jun, 2015 180,000 yen

* All reports are written by Japanese

Custom Research and Consulting

BB-Bridge provides research and consulting services according to clients’ needs. Our advantage is a wealth of knowledge and experience in biotechnology-based pharmaceuticals, e.g. gene medicine, nucleic acid medicine, antibody drug, peptide drug and cell drug, next-generation testing techniques such as molecular imaging, genetic testing and companion diagnosis, other combination products and medical economic evaluation.

Subject Target Area Period of the Project
Research on the diagnostic technology of brain image and its marketability. Domestic 2 weeks
Research on the technology for new drug development concepts. Worldwide 1 month
Research on the new administration technology of biopharmaceuticals. Worldwide 3 weeks
Research on R&D trends of the new antibody drugs. Worldwide 3 weeks
Research on the surrounding industry of biopharmaceuticals. Worldwide 2 months
Research on the development of recombinant proteins. Worldwide 6 weeks
Basic research on the development and manufacture of biopharmaceuticals in China. china 2 weeks


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